About Tressa

Tressa Green is the author of The Summer of the Frogs, the first in the Seasonal Insanity series, and Fragile Bones. She's also had a couple short stories published by small presses. Currently, she's working on her next three novels and her next short romance.

As well as having a passion for the written word, she is also an award winning pencil artist. Art is a life-long love she pursued professionally for five years with fair success, and it continues to serve as creative fuel today.

Other interests include music, reading, crochet, indie perfumes and soaps, adding to her cornucopia of mugs and tea cups (the collection is 380+ and growing!), and collecting miniature carved stone cats.

Tressa currently resides in the temperamental clime of North-central Indiana along with her husband, one of three children (two have flown the nest), and a clutter of feisty felines.